Principles of Conduct for Project Managers

August 17, 2014 Nichol Danielsen 0

Principles of Conduct for Project Managers Success of the Project The Future of Online Appointment Scheduling 1. My first and ultimate responsibility is the success of the project. 2. It is highly recommended that project managers become certified PMPs with the Project Management Institute. 3. It is recommended that Project Managers know the company and are […]

Top Ten skills for an Experienced Project Manager

August 12, 2014 Nichol Danielsen 0

1. Extensive years of experience in the Information Technology field, specializing in project management or business projects. 2. Solid understanding and knowledge of best IT practices, procedures and documentation approaches using a methodology (WaterFall, Agile, RUP) or other software life cycles methodologies; 3. Solid knowledge (really like expert skills) to use […]