6 Great Leadership Qualities in 2016

Know the Political Landscape1, Politician:  To have the ability to know the organization not only from the your level but from the lowest level is a skill that leaders needs to have because lots of times the information is not only at the top. When great leaders get into a situation where their ideas are not well received, they are aware of which battle they want to fight. They know when to step back and not push their ideas but work with the bigger organization to get things accomplished.

Know how to fight for the interest of your orgnization

2. Fighter: Great leaders have the ability to be the strong advocate for their organization and telling other leaders of the accomplishments of their people and really meaning it. It just does not show in the numbers but calling out the people who made the numbers looked good.

 adminisitrator3. Good Administrator:  Be people oriented and make sure your people know that you care for them and will go out of your way to fight on their behalf. Show them that you care when you do their performance reviews, show that you care when they have a family issue that is important to them but not important to you. Show your people that you care by promoting them either within your organization or outside your organization.

energy4. Energy: Bring energy to the job and be on your feet. When the leader of the organization is a low-energy person, it transcends into the rest of the organization. I always admire football coaches who come into the stadium with positive energy. You find these big and overweight coaches on a football team running into the stadium with the team. This is energy. Bring that energy to your morning meetings, your afternoon meetings and make sure you are the bright candle shining throughout the day.

sacrifice5. Sacrifice: Be willing to stick your neck out for the success of the organization. Fearing to make tough decisions or being afraid to communicate the good and the bad message. Martin Luther King was not afraid to go to Memphis to speak about the wages of the garbage workers. He met his death there but he was able to sacrifice his life for the good of the cause.


6. Producer: Show the organization that you are making changes and show your employees that they are producing good results albeit small sometimes.