A Mother’s Day Tribute

A Mother’s Day Tribute – May 8, 2016

Since my mother passed away, I have always felt this sense of emptiness and lack of obligation every Mother’s day. The one thing I do every mother’s day is to appreciate the many mothers of the world and how wonderful it is for their kids to know they are still around. This mother’s day, I pay a special tribute to my mother by writing my thoughts and what I thought of her. My daughter’s name is Lorice and what better way to pay tribute out of the letters of the words “LORICE”:

L – Love and To Love

Always showing me unconditional love and teaching me how to love one another. Teaching me how to love God and his Son and follow his ways. Teaching me how to love my neighbors whether I am meeting them for the first time or have known them for several years, always show them love. Always reminding me about our family name and the pride that goes with the family tradition and making you proud of your work. I know we did not have much but, you showed me that we were rich in Love.

O – Overworked, Overburden

Always taken on people’s problems and trying to solve them. Staying up late at night coming up with ideas on how to keep us fed and clothed. In many cases, you had to make do with very little to ensure that we had a meal. I remember you had this extra energy in you and you were always moving and even to your final days, you were taking care of your grand kids.

R – Respectful

Teaching us to have a sense of respect of ourselves and respect for the people and things around us. Whenever a relative or a visitor came to the house, you wanted us to show respect to them and offered them a glass of water.

I – Intelligent and Teaching the kids to be Intelligence and making wise decisions in life

Showing us intelligence and how it is important to go to school and be smart in our everyday lives. You wanted us to be even smarter than the smartest kids in school and you were there to help me with my homework. That was something else watching you take the time to make sure that I did my homework. Momma, how about playing with me friends?

Teaching us kids to be Intelligence and making wise decisions in life and hanging out with the right group of friends. And I think we heeded your advice.

C – Caring, Care giver, Caretaker

You were always the caregiver of the family. When a family member was sick, you will be the first person to go visit and if you could not go visit, you will send one of us to go visit and bring your get-well message. Even though I never liked doing those errands, it taught me a sense of caring and to help my neighbor when they needed help.

E – Energetic

You always had that extra energy to do things for us. If we are not healthy, you tried to find ways to heal us fast. You will not go to sleep unless we are in bed and you felt it was a good day. Thanks for giving me that extra energy.

To you Mother, on this day, I love you and really miss you forever. Someday we will meet again.