A time to remember loved ones: Carol Fitzgerald

rose for carolOctober 2016

“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget

What you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel.” Maya Angelou

To this, I want to remember a great woman – a woman who shared her cooking talents with several of us who needed a place to spend either Thanksgiving or Christmas. I came to know Carol Fitzgerald through a family friend Tony Pinder who is Carol’s brother in law. Every Christmas and Thanksgiving, Tony and his wife Vickie will gather us friend and invite us over for the feast of our lives. Carol’s was the person who presented the various foods she has prepared and making sure that everyone had enough to eat. Carol Fitzgerald left us in 2003. Her memories and generosity will be forever be remembered through the Carol Fiztgerald Fund – setup by her son Larry.

Carol was a very generous and super kind woman who was full of life and cared about people and making sure that people were united and come together during the holidays season to share a meal and for laughs.  Carol always had a smile on her face and will tell you to finish your food and go back for some more. In Carol’s world, there was more where that came from. Carol was the type of woman who would want to know how you felt and she was engaging and very intelligent learning the various African cultures. I never forget how she elevated our spirits and made you feel good.

I can remember of Carol’s passion for education and she would talk about how we needed to educate our children so they can grow to be good people and contribute to the society. She had the personality of someone who never saw a bad day or dark day. Everything she talked about was very positive. She never bragged about her own accomplishments because she had that humble side of her that made her shy away from being egotistic. Ah, Carol left us too soon. She is now in heaven next to the Lord and feeding the Lord some collard greens and sweet potato pie.

I enjoyed the time we came together as one big family and enjoyed the meals we shared.

RIP Carol, from the many friends and well-wishers you left behind. Someday we will all meet again. I will always remember you!