Project Manager need to practice Random Acts of Appreciation

August 2, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

Synopsis: Project Managers are the ones the team is looking up to for direction, appreciation, and acknowledgment. Maybe we should do not random acts of kindness but random acts of appreciation and acknowledgement. Showing random acts of appreciation for even the smallest of accomplishment will go long ways to show […]

The ABCs of a successful Project Manager

July 2, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

A: Approved – Get your Project Sponsor to approve your Project Charter. But my favorite is Agile. You will hear this so many times in 2017, it will drive you crazy. B: Buy-In – Have the project team buy-in your project plan – No buy-in; no success in your project. […]

6 Great Leadership Qualities in 2016

April 16, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

1, Politician:  To have the ability to know the organization not only from the your level but from the lowest level is a skill that leaders needs to have because lots of times the information is not only at the top. When great leaders get into a situation where their […]

Whatever happened to real project manager jobs?

September 8, 2015 BYerry BJonga 0

Whatever happened to “REAL” project manager jobs? Of all the things most annoying in our Project Manager profession these days is the dilution of the role of a Project Manager. Have you looked at job postings for a Project Manager lately? As the profession has gained a Solid reputation and good […]

What gives meaning to your life?

January 19, 2015 Nichol Danielsen 0

What gives meaning to your life? Doing a job you love, getting up every day, going to work, knowing that the work you do touches lives and the beneficiary are happy with the services they get. I work at a company where I feel fulfilled everyday going to work and […]

Top Ten skills for an Experienced Project Manager

August 12, 2014 Nichol Danielsen 0

1. Extensive years of experience in the Information Technology field, specializing in project management or business projects. 2. Solid understanding and knowledge of best IT practices, procedures and documentation approaches using a methodology (WaterFall, Agile, RUP) or other software life cycles methodologies; 3. Solid knowledge (really like expert skills) to use […]

How to Manage a Project with No Budget Upfront

August 17, 2013 Danielle Hayday 0

  Introduction Several organizations embark on projects without knowing fully how much the project will cost and where the budget will come from. Sometimes senior management gets into a room and decides to “change the world”. Sometimes, maybe on a golf course, a group of senior management team decides to […]

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