The ABCs of a successful Project Manager

July 2, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

A: Approved – Get your Project Sponsor to approve your Project Charter. But my favorite is Agile. You will hear this so many times in 2017, it will drive you crazy. B: Buy-In – Have the project team buy-in your project plan – No buy-in; no success in your project. […]

Why do Most Projects Never Reach Closure?

July 25, 2013 Danielle Hayday 0

PMI defines a project as an activity that has a definite state and end date. Some projects never reach their end date and they seem to go on forever. While these projects are not considered failures, they keep consuming the project budget and things keep dragging on.   The reason for […]

A Project Headed towards Failure from the Start

July 3, 2013 Danielle Hayday 0

ABC Construction – San Antonio, Texas Project Name : Construction Project C3* Project Type: Private Building Works Date : 2009-2013 – Three year construction project Cost : $ 12M   Synopsis: ABC Constructions was a reliable name in Building and Construction and had handled many building projects successfully. The nature […]