Six Qualities of great Project Manager for 2017

January 10, 2017 BYerry BJonga 0

These are key characteristics that I want to talk about for Project Managers to have in 2017. Project Managers in order to succeed in the 2017 year, a Project Manager has to be committed to the project and the organization. 1. Integrity: Are you doing what you say and say […]

A Plea to my President: The Rule of Common Sense

November 12, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

My President: Rule, but let common sense rule Rule, but let common sense rule your decision on Immigration Rule, but let common sense guide your decision on Obamacare Rule, but let common sense guide you choice for Supreme Court nominees Rule, but let common sense guide you remarks about Hispanic […]

The ABCs of a successful Project Manager

July 2, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

A: Approved – Get your Project Sponsor to approve your Project Charter. But my favorite is Agile. You will hear this so many times in 2017, it will drive you crazy. B: Buy-In – Have the project team buy-in your project plan – No buy-in; no success in your project. […]

20 Tenets of the Affordable Care Act

January 24, 2016 BYerry BJonga 0

20 Tenets of the Affordable Care Act TENET 1 A member can stay on their parent’s insurance until age 26. TENET 2 Members have no limits to the amount of essential care they can receive each year and in their lifetime. TENET 3 Members do have limits on the out-of-pocket costs they pay […]

Whatever happened to real project manager jobs?

September 8, 2015 BYerry BJonga 0

Whatever happened to “REAL” project manager jobs? Of all the things most annoying in our Project Manager profession these days is the dilution of the role of a Project Manager. Have you looked at job postings for a Project Manager lately? As the profession has gained a Solid reputation and good […]

Principles of Conduct for Project Managers

August 17, 2014 Nichol Danielsen 0

Principles of Conduct for Project Managers Success of the Project The Future of Online Appointment Scheduling 1. My first and ultimate responsibility is the success of the project. 2. It is highly recommended that project managers become certified PMPs with the Project Management Institute. 3. It is recommended that Project Managers know the company and are […]

Top Ten skills for an Experienced Project Manager

August 12, 2014 Nichol Danielsen 0

1. Extensive years of experience in the Information Technology field, specializing in project management or business projects. 2. Solid understanding and knowledge of best IT practices, procedures and documentation approaches using a methodology (WaterFall, Agile, RUP) or other software life cycles methodologies; 3. Solid knowledge (really like expert skills) to use […]

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