Health Care Single Payer System

Case for Single Payer System

Why not make a case for a single payer system of healthcare when the current system is flawed with bureaucracy, fraud, and excessive government controls?

While this issue of how we pay for healthcare will not be decided upon any time soon, it is worth to see what we have in place and what can be done to improve the current patchwork of systems.

If the President Obama can pass the Affordable Care Act – despite the controversies and excess opposition - another President can pass a Payment System Reform Law.

I can guarantee you, such a reform will face just as much opposition and controversies just like its counterpart the Affordable Care Act.

The single-payer approach is a better solution for America as it will control costs and enable bulk purchasing of drugs and ensure that benefits are sustainable over the long term.

A “single payer system” of funding for healthcare is a system whereby the payer of healthcare is a single source. This approach has been called “Medicare for All” since Medicare is a single payer approach for the healthcare of people over 65, people with end stage renal disease, and younger people with disabilities.

The single payer system will provide insurance for all thereby ensuring that every American has health coverage from the day they were born.

Other terms used to describe this approach are: public option, universal health care, national health care, and of course as I mentioned “Medicare for all” (1)

Of all countries with single payer system like Australia, Canada, France, Germany, Japan and Switzerland, and United Kingdom, the United States spends the most of healthcare. (2)

We spend a lot on the various administrative hand-holding that occurs along the way before the provider gets paid. With the single payer system, the patient gets a service; the government makes the payment directly to the provider.

The single payer approach is simple, removes all the middlemen in the process and allows for a streamlined approach for payments to the provider.

Current Payer systems in Healthcare is broken

The current system is broken, expensive, time consuming and does not provide excellent healthcare. It just cost more and more does not mean better. Having a single payer system will improve the say providers are compensated, reduce waste and improve overall healthcare quality.

Because we are so entrenched in the current system and there are some very powerful lobbyist working hard to keep the status quo, we can improve the current system by leveraging the Affordable Care Act (ACA) and have those on the exchange move to a single payer system.

Single Payer System and the Affordable Care Act

The Affordable care is the de facto standard for universal healthcare. There is a still lot of data to be gathered to be able to determine the impacts of Affordable Care Act (ACA) on the population. One tenet of the Health Care Reform is the transmission of Health care Coverage data from issuers and from employers to the government annually. The government is asking issuers and employers to collect demographic and coverage data and send them to IRS effective 2015.

The purpose of this to ensure that every American has minimum essential coverage insurance. Once the IRS gathers and analyzes this information, we will have more intelligent data analysis with population and this will give more impetus for a single-payer system. Since the Supreme Court did not repeal the Affordable Care Act (ACA), we can be assured that the next big decision is to enact a single payer system.

With the enactment of Health Care Reform, I do believe that we are moving towards a single-payer approach in future. The failures of the bill not getting passed in congress were more political than anything else. However, now that we have the Affordable Care Act (ACA) working that the government can administer a single health enrolment system for Americans, the single payer approach will be the next major health care reform.

We already have single payer systems with Medicare and the Veterans Administration payment system, Federal Employees Health Benefits, Military, state and local benefits systems. These are all single payer systems so it would not be a stretch to expand this to other segments of the population. (3)

I would propose a single payer system because other countries that have provided a single payer system the cost of providing healthcare is less and well managed.

In concluding, I strongly recommend a single payer system because it will bring our health care system in line with other advanced nations.


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