Project Manager need to practice Random Acts of Appreciation

Synopsis: Project Managers are the ones the team is looking up to for direction, appreciation, and acknowledgment. Maybe we should do not random acts of kindness but random acts of appreciation and acknowledgement. Showing random acts of appreciation for even the smallest of accomplishment will go long ways to show your team members that you do care. When a team member does something and finishes a task, take time to show immediate appreciation and acknowledge their contribution.

As Project Managers, we are always confronted with the situation when the project might not be moving smoothly. When a project is not going well, it does not help to lose faith in the project team. Maybe we can take that moment to appreciate our team members.

So over the weekend, I went out to get a hamburger from In and Out Burger. This article is not about whether I like In and Out Burger restaurant but, about counting the many blessings we have been given and sharing with our project team.

As I approached In and Out Burger I saw this woman standing by the entrance. Upon entering the restaurant, we exchanged greetings and I never made the connection that she was a homeless person. As I ordered my food, it never occurred to me that I had just met someone who was hungry.

The cashier took my order and I stood waiting for my number to be called. It took longer than expected. The cashier who took my order did not entered it incorrectly in the computer. Now, my order was delayed. The new cashier suggested they were going to fix the mistake. At this point I asked them not to do anything and to cancel my order.

I came out the store and noticed that the woman had left. As I pulled out of the parking lot, I saw this woman walking down the parking lot. I pulled next to her and handed her some money. Let just say it was equivalent to a double hamburger, large fries and a coke. She looked very surprised and quietly said “Thanks”.

I write this because I got my money back in reverse. So, I am weak when it comes to baked goods. I decided to go out for breakfast this morning and went to get a good croissant. I went to the bakery, placed my order for cheese croissant. The cashier took my order and prepared the order and when it was time for me to pay, the cashier proceed to offer my croissant for free. She said, you should enjoy and have a wonderful day. What a surprise to me.

So how does this apply to our Project Management profession and leading a group of people to achieve great success? The more your show appreciation, the better the results you will get back from your team members.