The ABCs of a successful Project Manager

Approved – Get your Project Sponsor to approve your Project Charter.

But my favorite is Agile. You will hear this so many times in 2017, it will drive you crazy.

B: Buy-In – Have the project team buy-in your project plan – No buy-in; no success in your project.

C: Charter – A project charter is a must-have for any project – You don’t have it; spells trouble from the beginning

D: Deadlines – You have to learn to deal with deadlines and make sure you hold people accountable to these deadlines.

E: Estimates – Engaged Get good estimates from your team to keep your project on budget. Be engaged in your project-your team will follow.

F: Finish – Food – Push to get the project finished. Use small steps to reach finish lines! Use food as a motivator – it works.

G: Go Live -This is the most important date for your project – Make sure you deliver the project so the user sees the result.

H: Happy – A Happy team is a successful team.

I: Ignorance – Ignorance of corporate policies, government regulations is no excuse for project failure – go learn them or ask for assistance.

J: Join – Be a joiner – get the best talent and lead them to show their best.

K: Kickoff – A project kickoff is very essential to get the project started and let’s everyone know what they are responsible for. Don’t go into too much detail at the kickoff meeting.

L: Love – Love your project; Love your team and Love your Project Sponsor. Love your job or get a different project.

M: Meetings – Meetings and More meetings – what can I say – get used to it.

N: Negative – Negative sentiments will set you back. The project team is looking for your leadership to move the project forward. Check your negative attitude or your ego at the door.

O: Over – The Project Manager who will over commit will for sure get into problems when your team does not meet those commitments.

P: Plan – Develop a solid plan but don’t be tied to your plan; be flexible.

Q: Quick – Be quick to react to changes.

R: Resources – There is never enough Resources but be resourceful; make your project work by being resourceful – do more with less.

S: Surprise – Never surprise your project sponsor; tell the bad news and the good news always.

T: Team – You are the team captain – Be flexible and work with your team.

U: Understand – Understand the business drivers behind your great project. Find out from the Project Sponsor the “why are we doing this”?

V: Victory – Celebrate small victories and give credit to your team for making it happen.

W: Work Breakdown Structure – A WBS as it is famously known decomposes your tasks into smaller details so you can manage and track them.

X – Xerox : Don’t spend too much time at the Xerox copier. No need to make multiple copies of presentation – go paperless and save the environment.

Y: Yes – Try not to be a Yes PM. Don’t fall into trying to please everybody – you will not succeed.

Z: Zebra – Every project is unique just like zebra stripes. Projects come in many shades and the road to the finished line is never straight.

JY – published – September 11, 2016 in remembrance of the Project Managers killed on 9/11