What give meaning to your life?

What gives meaning to your life?  Doing a job you love, getting up every day, going to work, knowing that the work you do touches lives and the beneficiary are happy with the services they get. I work at a company where I feel fulfilled everyday going to work and coming home knowing that the work I have done and what I have accomplished on a given day has meaning. This is happiness. The faces I see at my work place are all smiling and friendly towards one another and that makes a long daya a very short day.

I know it is hard to believe that this actually happens in corporate America but, we do have this in my department. Despite our small number and sometimes confused state of things or ever-changing directives, we manage to have fun and make the workplace a pleasant experience for everyone. Ever have a question and not knowing where to turn? Ask one person and by the time to get to person number 3, you have all the answers you need to do your job effectively.

We are responsible to our patients and we place our patients first. Check out our daily huddle and you will see people solving issues and complimenting one each for even the triviality of assistance.

What gives meaning to your work? Knowing that when you wake up in the morning, you are happy to go to work not because of the bi-weekly paycheck but, because of the patients who at the hospital door waiting to see a physician. I feel my job has meaning because the services we provide deals with real people with real issues and really big decisions to make for their health. When I receive my paycheck, I feel it is worth it because I also feel I have done a good job to earn that paycheck.

Meaning means different things to different people but, to me meaning to my work is about the patients we serve and feeling compassionate for them. Some of our members struggle to make even a $10/month premium and though it may not seem like much, if you have four kids and you have to make a $10/month payment, it means $120/year and with four kids that’s $480/year that a family will have to spend on medical insurance. These families are some of the most vulnerable members of our society so this amount of money is a stretch for them. That’s why we put our patients first because we care for them and want to see them live a healthy and fulfilling life.

What gives meaning to your title? Have you ever wondered how the title of your position came about? Are you a C-suite person, or are you someone without a simple title? Every title holder should be very proud and feel blessed that they have a title. Does your title bring you happiness, I would hope that your title is a reflection of the position but, the position is a reflection of the responsibility that comes with the job. On your dying bed, you will not be taking your title with you. What psychologist say you take with you is the lives of the people you have improved. Have you made the world a better place than you met it? Have you ever been in a position of working with the patients and you are the one the front line staff has to call to resolve a difficult situation. How do you feel before you arrive at the scene? How do you feel and what are you thinking before you arrive? You could be the last hope this patient has and how positive and energetic you are gives them a reason to continue living.

If you job does not give you satisfaction or your job does not give you meaning, spend a day at a hospital and go to the children’s’ section. Spend a day at the Emergency Department. Spend a day volunteering with Make a Wish foundation and meet kids and people with big life decisions.

Today, I feel fulfilled, energetic, and compassion to our patients and their problems. That gives meaning to my life.

Hope you like this article…..Stay tune for more real life lessons.